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About Us

GO4 International is a Combined Global Activities Company trading for over 20 years.
Exporting and importing globally with main spine being Third Party logistics, Shipping and Chartering.

GO4 assists clients to understand bilateral and multilateral international trade agreements and the processes involved so they can plan their operations accordingly.
As providers of third party logistics, we are specialised in integrated operations, and provide multiple logistics and shipping services for use by customers.

GO4 evolved from a conventional shipping company into a globally operating transport logistics organisation.

GO4 operates semi-liner container services worldwide by means of managing slot charters on vessels of reputable liner carriers.

We go beyond logistics to include value-added services, such as; procurement, supply chain, shipping, chartering, freight forwarding, warehousing, sorting and delivery services that can be scaled and customised to the customers’ needs.

GO4 through the extensive network of professional agents and partners worldwide, manage logistics, trucking, customs clearance, freight forwarding and shipping documentation. Thus, we have established an operational platform covering major worldwide ports.

GO4 services are extensive and not only limited to maritime, airfreight, courier and warehousing, it extends further to transport, storage, loading, unloading, processing, packing, and distribution of common goods, as well as relevant information processing and consulting services).

GO4 combines all forces of a shipment in one simple operation, achieving a powerful enough solution to handle all operational aspects: from receiving from suppliers’ locations, trucking, warehousing, sorting, packaging, palletizing, labelling, containerizing, documentation, despatching to shipping lines and airlines terminals and shipping them to their final destination.

GO4 Cargo Management does not stop at origin but continues to follow the shipment until it is safely and properly delivered at destination. We also can go the further mile and deliver direct to the buyer’s door on a B2B or B2C basis.