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Semi Liner Operations



GO4 Shipping, is active in chartering part and full space on ships for the purpose of carrying the cargoes they booked combined or not and ship them to their destinations.

GO4 Shipping has an outstanding experience in booking, handling and shipping all kinds of cargoes and in choosing the right ships and in stowing cargoes in ships’ holds and on ships’ deck with utmost proficiency.

GO4 evolved from a conventional shipping company into a globally operating transport logistics organisation.
We operates semi-liner container and general cargo services worldwide by means of managing slot charters, full and part charter on vessels of reputable liner carriers.

GO4 Shipping, can charter on behalf of their clients any size spot ships from small dead weight tonnages to Handy and Panamax, for their dry clean and dirty cargoes.

GO4 Shipping’s strengths lie in its solid industry knowledge and the extensive international experience of its brokers, each of whom is familiar with diverse vessel types and various commodities.

The company has developed longstanding relationships with ship owners and ship-brokers abroad. This ensures excellent, open communication and collaboration regarding all aspects of operational situations and port information.