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GO4 Logistics

GO4 Logistics’ Project Team through its accumulated experience in cargo management of small, medium and large projects, is able to offer cargo management services cost effectively and with due diligence.

Our experience extends also to the effective handling of petro-chemical projects in managing the entire logistics and transportation of super heavy and over-dimensional cargoes by land and sea for these projects.

Our project services include but not limited to the handling and transport of: Containers, Charters, Heavy Lifts (over weight and sized cargo), Break Bulk Cargo, Roll-on/Roll-off services.

Primarily, at GO4 Shipping we work close with the customer and in understanding the clients shipping requirements so to assist, procure and implement the management of the services rendered, offering a complete turnkey package. We think globally and act locally.

GO4 Logistics through its business partners, shipping companies, agents and affiliated freight companies, offers a range of combined services from warehousing, chain supply, sorting, labelling and dispatching to shipping and chartering. The combined service continues to cover air, sea, and land transport including customs clearance and cargo insurance.

GO4 Logistics has a professional shipping network, which is considered a fundamental tool of our operations and success today. This network includes but not limited to – Manufacturers, Sellers, Buyers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Banks, Finance Houses, Trading Houses, Insurance and agents globally.

GO4 Logistics provides professional consultation on how the customers can achieve best results in shipping their products and minimizing the cost of the whole sale contract.
We combine all forces of a shipment in one simple operation, achieving a powerful enough solution to handle all operational aspects: from receiving from suppliers’ locations, trucking, warehousing, sorting, packaging, palletizing, labelling, containerizing, documentation, despatching to shipping lines and airlines terminals and shipping.

GO4 Logistics, cargo management does not stop at origin but continues to follow the shipment until it is safely and properly delivered at destination. We also can go the further mile and deliver direct to the buyer’s door on a B2B or B2C basis.


GO4 Logistics implements the highest standards of technology by using the latest warehousing management systems which enables the company to provide quality and value added services to its clients.

GO4 Logistics together with its affiliated experts and agents offer a full range of Warehousing and Distribution solutions catering to clients’ various needs.
Our strategically located facilities are based in Hong Kong and in China – Shanghai and Shenzhen, offering Bonded and Non-Bonded warehouse facilities that meet both international standards and best industry practices.

Goods stored within our facilities are managed by experienced teams complemented by advanced Warehousing Management System and the latest equipment.
In addition, we offer a wide variety of added-value services that comprise: Pick-and-pack, Quality control, Labelling, Inventory management, Export packing, Cross docking, Kitting and assembling.

GO4 Logistics have an extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, and able to provide cost effective sourcing of products and all related logistics and shipping services.

In today’s ever changing commercial landscape, trading and shipping has evolved. GO4 Logistics can facilitate the fulfilment requirements with service, price and quality of product.
GO4 Logistics today services a multitude of companies to grow their business internationally, more importantly we provide the same quality service for businesses wishing to enter the China B2C market.

Providers of Third Party Logistics
GO4 Logistics provides its customers the services of third party logistics for part or all of their supply chain management functions. As providers of third party logistics, we are specialised in integrated operations, and provide multiple logistics services for use by customers. We go beyond logistics to include value-added services, such as; procurement, supply chain, shipping, freight forwarding, warehousing, sorting and delivery services that can be scaled and customised to the customers’ needs.